August 10, 2015

If you didn’t attend the Boots and Hearts Festival on the weekend, I am sure you know someone who went and if you don’t know someone who went, I’m sure you heard all about it on every media source possible in the last week.  I didn’t attend the event but did a lot of driving to and from it over the weekend for drop offs and pick-ups.  I will say that for an event of that size, with the number of people in attendance, I was extremely impressed with the organization that I saw during my small involvement of it.  The impressive lines of tents and vehicles all within white lines on the ground, the volunteers wanting to help you figure out where you were headed, the signage on the roads and the police presence all showed that so many details had been considered in the planning of this festival.  The amount of money that the festival apparently brought to our area is huge as well.  I hope that the residents of the immediate area did not have too much disruption of their coming and going home.  With only one news worthy incident where the man climbed on the top of the stage, it sounds like Boots and Hearts was a great success.  Sounds like it will be back next year too.

Minesing’s largest fundraising event, our Labour Day Baseball tournament, is just around the corner, and planning is well underway.

Our Baseball Tournament booklet is ready to be filled with advertising from local businesses and entrepreneurs.  If you are interested in purchasing a spot in the flyer, please contact Alisha Tanner at 705-309-7740 for more details.  Each Business advertising in the flyer will receive an online ad on the Minesing Community Facebook page at no extra charge.

This year the tournament will be offering spots for 10 vendor tables in the pavilion for Saturday and Sunday.  The cost of a table for the weekend is $25.  There will only be 10 spots, and it will be on a first booked basis.

Please remember that fundraising initiatives like these support events held free of charge in our village such as the Christmas Tree lighting and Canada Day Celebrations, hall restorations, upkeep of the pavilion and more!

Keep in mind if you have any upcoming events, birthdays, anniversaries, or items you’d like to let your neighbours know about, please feel free to contact me either by email at or 705-728-9784  . I’m always looking for things to write about.

Until next time, keep smiling!

New this year:
Each business who advertises will receive an online ad on our Community Facebook page at no extra charge.

Also, we’ll be offering 10 Vendor tables in the pavilion for Saturday/Sunday. The cost of a table for the weekend is $25, or free with a 1/2 page ad in our tournament booklet ($50 ad fee) As there are only 10 spots, it will be based on first booked.

If you would like to place an ad, or have a vendor table – please let me know by August 21st.

Please remember, fundraising initiatives like these, support our free family events (Christmas Tree lighting celebration, Canada Day celebrations) hall restorations, pavilion boards and more! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and generosity

July 27, 2015

Have the mosquitos driven you completely crazy yet?  I can’t believe how horrible they are this year.  These things are beyond pesty, they are completely annoying.  It used to be that the mosquitos would come out in the evening at dusk and stick around for about 45 minutes or so.  Not now, they are around all day long and are keeping people from being able to do much outside as they drive them back into the house.  What’s going on?  I think we are into a second or third generation just this summer.  I don’t even know if bug spray does anything, I don’t usually wear it but I’m sure sales are up on Deep Woods and all things citronella this year.  A tip that I have used, and it seems to work, is to light a recycled cardboard egg carton or a Timmies recycled drink tray.  Once lit, blow the flame out and just let it smolder. The smoke from this seems to get rid of them.  The smoke can be a little annoying but I’d rather the smoke than the bugs!  Give it a try.  Just make sure to place the smoldering item on a safe surface, ensure children do not touch them and do NOT leave them unattended.

I recently became aware of a group of men in the Minesing area who contribute to our community without the knowledge of most residents.  These fellas don’t want their horn tooted, but I think they are extremely deserving of it.  They are known as the Minesing Small Business Association.  The new tables at the community centre, the pitching machine for the ball players, the Tykes baseball shirts are just a few things that these men have donated.  A HUGE thank you to all the members and supporters of this Association, your community appreciates it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  This week is supposed to be a warm one, so remember to hydrate and never, ever leave your children or pets in a vehicle.  For those who really do not like the heat, the malls are a great place to keep cool.

Until next time…think positive, there could be snow needing shovelled.



July 13, 2015

Hi everyone!  I’m not sure how many people are around home at this time of the year due to summer vacations but I hope that this reaches a few of the readers.  The Pan Am Games are on and I am not one to attend such events due to the crowds but watching it on tv is an interesting time.  I had absolutely no ideas what sort of things were considered events during the games.  I think that the one event that has struck me as an odd sport included, and I truly didn’t know that this type of thing still took place, but “roller skating”.  Yes I said it, Roller Skating.  I tend to think of the more common sports such as swimming, track and field, gymnastics, diving, shooting, but the skill shown in each of these sports are worth mentioning.  I was impressed by the level of skating that these participants showed.  I do know of several people who are going to attend the games in person and hope that they enjoy the experience and events they see.  For anyone who knows participants in the games, wish them all the best from Minesing!

This past weekend made me think about friends and how it’s so much fun to spend time with those who make you laugh.  When I was home on Sunday night, I flashed back through all of my friends I had spent time with over the previous few days.  Being in my (cough, cough) early 40’s one would think my friends are in and around my own age.  But…I have such a broad aged group of people I am lucky to label as good friends.  What’s a number when you enjoy one’s company?  Whether they are 21, 28, 39, 48, or in their 60’s or 70’s, all I know is we have a lot of fun and laughs.  Isn’t that what life’s about?  Enjoying your time while you are here?  We all know that life is short when we look back on it so enjoy it with those who bring you pleasure.  Having to spend time with people who are negative nellies or energy draining is not something anyone needs.  I know I’m very luck to call my friends no matter what their age, true friends.

I’ve been seeing on Facebook recently that local ball teams are in tournaments all over Simcoe County.  Good luck to all of the players, I know a lot of time, travel and practice goes into your teams.  Remember to acknowledge your coaches who are looking after your children’s teams.  These are volunteer positions and those coaches keep the leagues going.  Kids, if you are reading this. remember to thank your parents for running you around to all of your games.  Most important, do your best and have fun.

To the local synchronized swimming team that I trained with on Saturday, keep up the good work, you looked great!  Perhaps some music can be put to your routine and next time the Pan Am games are close, we are there!

Until next time, drive safe, play safe and have fun in the sun!

June 29, 2015

Happy Canada Day to everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the day off with your family and friends celebrating Canada’s birthday.  I’m not sure who invited all of the mosquitos but they show up every evening and this year I think they may be even bigger than they have been in the last few years.  I recently read an article about theconsideration of getting rid of mosquitos and I found out something really interesting.  Apparently when the mosquitos lay their eggs, they can remain dormant until they are wet again.  So, even if there is drought for several years and the eggs are rained on or a water source rises, those eggs will be activated by the water and more mosquitos will hatch.  Apparently the scientists who study these pesty bugs, cannot find a use or reason for mosquitos but indicated that in past experiences, messing with the eco system can be detrimental somewhere along the way.  Looks like we are stuck with them!

On a more local level, I read on the Facebook page of our neighbouring community, Anten Mills, that there was some vandalism to mailboxes and recycling bins in their village.  This apparently took place on the evening/early morning hours of Thursday the 25th of June.  There were mailboxes completely damaged and the flags broken off a lot of them.  If anyone knows anything about this unacceptable behaviour, please notify the police immediately.  This type of thing is not welcome in our area and we as residents have to make sure to report anything like this in order to stop it.   This is now costing our residents money to replace their damaged mailboxes.  No one needs this. Please also talk to your teenagers about this (rumour has it they may have been teenagers) because word usually gets out and there is always someone who will tell another friend and they will get found out.  To have this kind of thing on their criminal record, could affect their futures.  Criminal record checks are done for most jobs now that it could eliminate their dream job because of something they thought was a fun thing to do when they were a teenager.

Summer holidays will be taking place now that the kids are all out of school.  We ask that you drive and travel safely during your holidays.  Don’t be in a rush, leave plenty of time to get to your destination.  We know that Minesing is a direct route to Collingwood and Wasaga Beach so be careful when pulling onto George Johnston Road and always remember to stop at the signs!

Until next time, enjoy the strawberries and fresh vegetables that are ready for picking in our local gardens!

June 15, 2015

We are closing in summer as we near June 21st which should hopefully mean some nicer weather.  The 21st of June also brings Father’s Day.  Remember to stock up on black socks or crazy ties for your dad.  Truly though, what do you do for your father?  A phone call, a golf game or maybe a nice dinner with family.  I’m sure any efforts put forth are appreciated.  It’s fun to recall the items that children make for their dad’s at school or daycare that will make the day so much more special for Dads everywhere.  The crooked bird house, the painted paper weight, the items made of popsicle sticks that are given to Dad by their proud child.  These creations are all given a special shelf or places in our homes and offices and often stay there for years.  The time that the children spend and the effort to impress “dad” with their skills is more than the gift itself.  So, to all those dad’s, grampa’s, uncles, step-dad’s and men in your lives who step in and do “dad’ things for you, please have a wonderful Father’s Day.

School is nearing the end of the year again, wow where did that year go?  Best wishes to all those students who are graduating grade 8 and entering into high school and to those students in Grade 12 who are graduating high school and moving onto college or university.  Also good luck to those who are still trying to figure out what direction they are wanting to go, it’s hard to know what you want to do at this age.  This time is exciting for each of you and the hard work you put forth will eventually pay off in the long run.  Remember this during the time you are studying for exams in the next couple of weeks.  It is all worth it.

I would like to mention that the baseball games have started in Minesing at the diamonds.  I can hear the cheers and crack of the bat on week nights.  If you are looking for something to do in the evenings, pop down to the diamonds and watch the local teams play.  The Minesing Mallards are our local Men’s Fastball team and play some great ball so come check them out at Doran Park, on most Thursday nights, with either a 7:00 pm or an 8:45 p.m. start.

I have been lucky to frequently see a beautiful cardinal who has taken up residence here in Minesing.  I believe he has visited homes on George Johnston Road as well.  I’m not sure if you have been lucky enough to hear or see him but keep your eyes and ears open because he is a beautiful red and sounds so nice above the squawking crows, blue jays and of course barking dogs.

Until next time, remember your sunscreen and bug spray, both are necessities at this time of year.

April 20, 2015

Spring has sprung and the buds on the trees are starting to come out.  It’s always nice to see the new growth in the spring, the tulips peeking through the dirt, the birds chirping, but wait…don’t get too excited, at the time I am writing this apparently we may be seeing some of the four letter “S” word (snow) in the next few days.   Hopefully it is short lived and won’t hang around for long.

The Minesing and Anten Mills “Good Times” Senior’s Group meets the first Thursday of the month except for the months of July and August.  They meet at 12:30 p.m. at the Minesing Community Centre.  They have food, fellowship and entertainment.  Please feel free to join them.  It’s a great way to meet people and to get out of the house for 2 to 3 hours.  For more information, please call705-735-0680   or 705-728-1264  .

For those who are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, may you have a wonderful day.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine on your face and the fresh air in your lungs!

March 23, 2015

My apologies to all of the Minesing Moment’s readers for my lack of writing anything for the last several editions.  Life has been extremely busy and I haven’t had a whole lot of information to share with you.

With that being said, I did round up some details about the Mini-Fest for those that weren’t able to make it out.  The ever popular pancake breakfast was another success this year, apparently it was the best turn out ever!  The Citizen of the Year was awarded to Carol McNabb and the Youth of the Year was awarded to Morgan Sturgess.  Congratulations to both of you for this well-deserved recognition for your community involvement.  The family skate was well attended even though the weather was very cold.  The Euchre and Bowling Tournaments had a lot of action this year and both were enjoyed by all.  Our parade had seven floats and it was great to see that the effort was put forth to keep that alive.  Maybe next year we can rally and have more floats entered to keep the Mini-Fest spirit alive.  Perhaps our neighbouring communities would like to join in on the winter festivities.  After the parade the chili cook off took place and Emily Irwin captured the prize for first place.  The Magician who entertained the kids (both young and old) was awesome.  To end the 2015 Mini-Fest, the adult dance with the music by Minesing’s own “Scott and Colin” was a lot of fun and the guys did a great job as usual.  To all of the sponsors, volunteers and the Recreation Committee, a big thank you goes out to each of you.  Without your support it wouldn’t have been such a great weekend.

Onto some housekeeping items…as spring is working its way into our yards and neighbourhoods it’s a great time to mention some annual things that are good reminders for all of us.  The kids are going to be out and about on their bikes and enjoying the weather a little more so please remember to keep your speed down in the village.  A big note that I have notices that people seem to roll through the stop streets around town.  Please remember that the red octagon signs actually say “STOP”,  not “roll through” or “ignore”.  We are a good community and need to keep everyone safe.

People who have dogs, please remember to stoop and scoop your dog’s waste.  The ball diamonds and the field surrounding them are a great place to run and play with your dog but please remember that this is also the school play yard and children play out there.  I will remind those who have dogs who bark at every little noise and sound when they are outside, to be considerate of your neighbours.  The barking doesn’t end at your property line, it travels far and wide.

It seems that the lots have almost filled up with homes in our new subdivision and I would like to welcome those new neighbours to our community.  I’m sure you will enjoy living in this area as much as the rest of us, you can’t beat raising a family in the country, there’s no place like it.  You can keep up to date on upcoming events in our community by checking out

Until next time, let’s hope for a slow spring and for the snow melting which means no flooding!  Fingers crossed!

January 26, 2015

While I sit and write this article, I hear how the Eastern Coast of the US is anticipating a big snow storm.  When you read this, I’m sure you will have all the information on it.  Hopefully the people are ready for it and everyone keeps as safe and warm as possible.

The outside rinks in our area are getting a lot of use and it’s great to see that the members of our communities are taking the time to make this long time winter activity going.  Thanks to everyone who make these rinks happen.  Your communities appreciate your time and efforts.

I realize that many people in our area are not computer savvy and so I wanted to make sure that the information that is on the internet about Mini Fest is also printed in our section of the Springwater News.   I think that sometimes people forget that there are many people who choose to have their news and current events in print instead of on a computer screen.

43RD  ANNUAL MINESING MINI-FEST – FEBRUARY 13th & 14thButtons can be purchased at The Village Variety, Four Cedars, Cicco’s Ristorante, Minesing Library and Minesing Central School.  Cost is $3.

Friday Night: 

6:30-8:30 pm – Family Skate – Admission is your Mini Fest Button.

7:00 Progressive Euchre – Bring a deck of cards and a friend to the Community Centre.  $2 plus a Mini-Fest button.

7:00 Adult Mixed Bowling – Enter a team for $60 and a Mini-Fest button!  Contact to enter.


9:00-11:00 a.m. – Pancake Breakfast – Pancakes, Sausage, Juice & Coffee.  Adults $6.00, Children (up to 10) $4.00

9:30 – Citizen and Youth of the Year – Presentation at Community Centre

10:30 – Bookmark and Colouring Contest Winners Announced

12:30 – Parade, Floats should be at the Community Centre by 12:00pm. Parade route will start at the Community Centre proceeding East to Plowright Road to Adams Ave to Huron St back to the Community Centre.  To enter the parade e-mail

1:00-4:00 Beer Garden and Chili Cook Off – Following the parade there will be a Beer Garden, Food Vendors and Chili-Cook Off.  To enter your best chili check out the details on our Facebook page.

1:30-2:30 Bumbling Bert – Magic Show at Community Centre – Admission is your Mini-Fest Button.

8:00 – Saturday Night Adult Dance – Come out to the Community Centre Saturday night to enjoy the musical stylings of Scott & Colin!  Doors/bar open at 8:00pm and Band starts at 9:00pm.  Tickets are $10 per person in advance and $15 per person at the door.

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEETING – FEBRUARY 17th – 7:00PM – The February meeting of the Minesing Community Association is February 17th at 7:00PM at the Minesing Community Centre.  Come out and find out what is going on and is being planned in the Community.  We are always looking for community input and anyone is welcome to attend and provide input with no commitment necessarily required.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – If you are looking to volunteer to help with community events please register in our volunteer database on the Minesing website at  Registering does not commit you to anything but will only allow us to contact you when volunteers are required.  Sign up today!!

Until Next time, stay warm and drive safe!

December 29, 2014

Hi everyone.  I hope that this issue finds everyone healthy, happy and ready to take on 2015.  I’m not sure if anyone else felt it, but it this year did not seem as true to Christmas as it would have with snow.  Yes the gatherings, the food, the music and decorations were the same, but the green grass and rain didn’t make it seem like it was really Christmas time.  Perhaps by New Year’s Eve we will have a little more of the white stuff to make it seem true to the season.

Santa made his annual tour through Springwater Township on Christmas Eve and we have the Springwater Fire Department to thank for that.  They ensured that Santa got to see all of the excited children, and adults too, waving and calling out to him their last minute wishes.  It’s always such a nice tradition that they do this.  It’s not something I have heard that they do in many areas so we are lucky that we can experience this each year.

I don’t have much else for news in this issue but I always encourage those in our community to send me an email if you have an event, birthday, anniversary or any other message you would like our community to know about.  You can send it to and I will do my best to get it in the next issue.

Until next time, I wish you each health and happiness for the New Year.  Take care.

December 15, 2014

Saturday December 13th was the Minesing Treelighting at the Community Centre.  There were special visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus who took time out of their busy schedule to visit with the children and listen to their wishes for this year.  Swampy also made a trek out of the swamp for a few hours to make his annual appearance.  It was great to see so many people out to support our community and the food bank.  A special thanks to the Community Recreation Board for organizing this wonderful event and to Bill Scott, the vendors who attended, the craft helpers and to Cicco’s Restaurant.  Everyone’s help made it a successful evening.

Cicco’s Ristorante in Barrie will be hosting a New Year’s Eve Celebration combined with their First Anniversary at the Barrie location.  Tickets are $60 each and, there will be a live band.  If you would like more details, please visit or call them at 705-721-005.   You can also visit them on Facebook at Ciccos Risorante.

The days are running out for those who still have some shopping to do.  I wish you luck in the parking lots and lineups as the crowds have increased this month.  Try to be patient, remember that everyone is in the same situation.   I know this is easier said than done, but if shoppers and drivers can be considerate of others, it may make your trek to the mall a little more enjoyable.

To those travelling during the holidays, we hope your travels are safe and you reach your destinations without any difficulties.  Remember to leave lots of space between the vehicle in front of you and ensure you have lots of time to get where you are going so there is no need to speed or hurry.

Until next time, I would like to wish all of my family, friends, neighbours and readers of the Springwater News, both near and far, a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy, happy New Year.  Cheers!  Lorrie