July 14, 2014

To those who were searching for my column last issue, I apologize, I didn’t get anything into Mr. Jacobs so you didn’t miss it.

Though this message is a few weeks late, I would like to wish the Grade 8 Graduates all the best.  They had a very nice graduation on June 25th at the school and all of the students were all spit and polished up.  The girls with their beautiful dresses and the boys in their suits and tuxedos, it’s amazing how grown up they all looked.  You have all made your parents proud and we wish you the best in your future years in high school. To the parents and teachers who put in so much effort to make the evening a success, from the organizing, decorations, food and preparation to the take down and tidying up, a job well done!  A special thanks to Greg Whalen for providing the music for the dance, I know the kids had a great time, thanks so much Greg.

A tricky subject has come up for me, but I thought I would attempt to address it as I have had a few conversations with people who have brought some issues up that they seem to deal with from their homes.  There are no names or finger pointing, but perhaps if the topics ring a bell for you, it may be something you can work on.

  1. To those who take their dogs for walks, please take a bag and clean up after your pet.  I know that the large field in Minesing where the ball diamonds are seems to be a great place to take your dog for a run, but please remember children play baseball and run through the fields.  Don’t leave a mess that could result in a bigger mess.
  2. Music in your yard.  Please be respectful of your neighbours when you have music playing in your yard.  Not everyone likes to listen to music all the time, so please keep the volume down.
  3. I’ve mentioned it previously but will mention it again, barking dogs.  Please know that a barking dog is not what people want to listen to as they relax on their back patio or attempt to spend time outside.
  4. Stop signs are there for a reason, please stop at them.  The kids are out of school now and we need to be careful in the village.  Watch behind parked cars and always be alert.

Hopefully by listing these and bringing them to our attention, people will be able to have a super summer and enjoy the nice weather that we’ve been having.

Minesing United Church Vacation Bible Camp – “A Child Shall Lead Them”

Stories, Crafts, Games & More, July 21st to 25th  – Time 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.  For more information or to register please call 705-737-5322.

Until next time, may your patio lanterns be bright and your beverages always cold!

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