April 21, 2016

Hello readers!  What a fantastic weekend we just had. Such a nice change from the previous weekend.  We certainly deserve some sunshine.  It was great to have everyone out and about getting their yards tidied up and ready for the blooms to arrive.

I will say a big welcome to the new residents who have recently moved to our village.  Some are returning from growing up in the area and some are new to Springwater Township all together.  We know you will love our community.  The school is great, the people are fantastic and the activities that take place are all well run and welcoming to all.  The mosquitos and blackflies, you probably won’t be too excited about.

We do have a website, for those who aren’t aware, at www.minesing.ca and this website will let you know of upcoming events.  There is also a sign that you will see when you are heading towards Highway 26 on the right side that will notify people of upcoming events.  Volunteers are often needed for activities so if you have an interest in becoming involved or if you have a student in your household that needs hours for their schooling, feel free to contact anyone on the Recreation Committee members on the website.  For those people who are not computer savvy you can always contact me and I can put you in touch with someone who can help you out.

I also want to welcome home all of the students who have been away at post-secondary school.  I’m sure you have worked hard and made some big adjustments for those who were first year students.  To the students who are preparing for graduation and prom in public and high school, good luck with dress and suit shopping.  It’s a fun time and a memorial one.  Enjoy!
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Until next time, enjoy your day.

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