April 7, 2016

Have you gotten your woolies out, put them away, pulled them out again and still waiting to put them back in storage for the year again?  Well, you are not alone that’s for sure.  I think Mother Nature is playing a pretty rotten trick on all of us.  I guess we can’t do a whole lot but just wait and see what tomorrow brings.

I do apologize for no articles in the last few papers.  When I don’t receive anything to write about from anyone, I tend to run out of things to say.  Many of you may find that hard to believe as I am rarely without something to say.  So if you are reading this and you have something exciting coming up, like a birthday for someone in your house, an anniversary or you just want to let us know about your children’s sports team participating a tournament or a meeting being held, let me know.  I will gladly include it in our section of Minesing Moments.

Please note that for those who enjoy having bon fires in your yard, as of February 1st this year you will be required to pay $15 for your Recreational Burn Permit.  These can be done on line on the Springwater Township website or I believe you can continue to obtain your license at the Township offices for the same price.

Living near the Minesing school yard, by the ball diamonds, I tend to see many people who walk and run with their dogs in the field.  I appreciate the need to get your dogs out and exercised, but please remember to clean up after your pets.  This is the school yard and many people also play sports in the field so please be considerate of this and take a bag when you are out with your pets, even if it is just for a walk.  Thanks!  The kids appreciate it and so do the parents who do their laundry.

The following is a little picture I saw of phrases that are often incorrectly pronounced.  I found it interesting and know that I hear several of these things quite often.  It never hurts to learn something so take a peek, have you learned something new today?

Supposably Supposedly
For all intensive purposes For all intents and purposes
Irregardless Regardless
I seen it I saw it
Expresso Espresso
Pacifically Specifically
Ex cetera Et Cetera
Of upmost importance Of utmost importance
I need to lay down I need to lie down

Until next time, keep the hats and mitts handy but don’t have the sunscreen and flip flops too far away!

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