July 27, 2015

Have the mosquitos driven you completely crazy yet?  I can’t believe how horrible they are this year.  These things are beyond pesty, they are completely annoying.  It used to be that the mosquitos would come out in the evening at dusk and stick around for about 45 minutes or so.  Not now, they are around all day long and are keeping people from being able to do much outside as they drive them back into the house.  What’s going on?  I think we are into a second or third generation just this summer.  I don’t even know if bug spray does anything, I don’t usually wear it but I’m sure sales are up on Deep Woods and all things citronella this year.  A tip that I have used, and it seems to work, is to light a recycled cardboard egg carton or a Timmies recycled drink tray.  Once lit, blow the flame out and just let it smolder. The smoke from this seems to get rid of them.  The smoke can be a little annoying but I’d rather the smoke than the bugs!  Give it a try.  Just make sure to place the smoldering item on a safe surface, ensure children do not touch them and do NOT leave them unattended.

I recently became aware of a group of men in the Minesing area who contribute to our community without the knowledge of most residents.  These fellas don’t want their horn tooted, but I think they are extremely deserving of it.  They are known as the Minesing Small Business Association.  The new tables at the community centre, the pitching machine for the ball players, the Tykes baseball shirts are just a few things that these men have donated.  A HUGE thank you to all the members and supporters of this Association, your community appreciates it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  This week is supposed to be a warm one, so remember to hydrate and never, ever leave your children or pets in a vehicle.  For those who really do not like the heat, the malls are a great place to keep cool.

Until next time…think positive, there could be snow needing shovelled.



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