July 13, 2015

Hi everyone!  I’m not sure how many people are around home at this time of the year due to summer vacations but I hope that this reaches a few of the readers.  The Pan Am Games are on and I am not one to attend such events due to the crowds but watching it on tv is an interesting time.  I had absolutely no ideas what sort of things were considered events during the games.  I think that the one event that has struck me as an odd sport included, and I truly didn’t know that this type of thing still took place, but “roller skating”.  Yes I said it, Roller Skating.  I tend to think of the more common sports such as swimming, track and field, gymnastics, diving, shooting, but the skill shown in each of these sports are worth mentioning.  I was impressed by the level of skating that these participants showed.  I do know of several people who are going to attend the games in person and hope that they enjoy the experience and events they see.  For anyone who knows participants in the games, wish them all the best from Minesing!

This past weekend made me think about friends and how it’s so much fun to spend time with those who make you laugh.  When I was home on Sunday night, I flashed back through all of my friends I had spent time with over the previous few days.  Being in my (cough, cough) early 40’s one would think my friends are in and around my own age.  But…I have such a broad aged group of people I am lucky to label as good friends.  What’s a number when you enjoy one’s company?  Whether they are 21, 28, 39, 48, or in their 60’s or 70’s, all I know is we have a lot of fun and laughs.  Isn’t that what life’s about?  Enjoying your time while you are here?  We all know that life is short when we look back on it so enjoy it with those who bring you pleasure.  Having to spend time with people who are negative nellies or energy draining is not something anyone needs.  I know I’m very luck to call my friends no matter what their age, true friends.

I’ve been seeing on Facebook recently that local ball teams are in tournaments all over Simcoe County.  Good luck to all of the players, I know a lot of time, travel and practice goes into your teams.  Remember to acknowledge your coaches who are looking after your children’s teams.  These are volunteer positions and those coaches keep the leagues going.  Kids, if you are reading this. remember to thank your parents for running you around to all of your games.  Most important, do your best and have fun.

To the local synchronized swimming team that I trained with on Saturday, keep up the good work, you looked great!  Perhaps some music can be put to your routine and next time the Pan Am games are close, we are there!

Until next time, drive safe, play safe and have fun in the sun!

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