June 29, 2015

Happy Canada Day to everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the day off with your family and friends celebrating Canada’s birthday.  I’m not sure who invited all of the mosquitos but they show up every evening and this year I think they may be even bigger than they have been in the last few years.  I recently read an article about theconsideration of getting rid of mosquitos and I found out something really interesting.  Apparently when the mosquitos lay their eggs, they can remain dormant until they are wet again.  So, even if there is drought for several years and the eggs are rained on or a water source rises, those eggs will be activated by the water and more mosquitos will hatch.  Apparently the scientists who study these pesty bugs, cannot find a use or reason for mosquitos but indicated that in past experiences, messing with the eco system can be detrimental somewhere along the way.  Looks like we are stuck with them!

On a more local level, I read on the Facebook page of our neighbouring community, Anten Mills, that there was some vandalism to mailboxes and recycling bins in their village.  This apparently took place on the evening/early morning hours of Thursday the 25th of June.  There were mailboxes completely damaged and the flags broken off a lot of them.  If anyone knows anything about this unacceptable behaviour, please notify the police immediately.  This type of thing is not welcome in our area and we as residents have to make sure to report anything like this in order to stop it.   This is now costing our residents money to replace their damaged mailboxes.  No one needs this. Please also talk to your teenagers about this (rumour has it they may have been teenagers) because word usually gets out and there is always someone who will tell another friend and they will get found out.  To have this kind of thing on their criminal record, could affect their futures.  Criminal record checks are done for most jobs now that it could eliminate their dream job because of something they thought was a fun thing to do when they were a teenager.

Summer holidays will be taking place now that the kids are all out of school.  We ask that you drive and travel safely during your holidays.  Don’t be in a rush, leave plenty of time to get to your destination.  We know that Minesing is a direct route to Collingwood and Wasaga Beach so be careful when pulling onto George Johnston Road and always remember to stop at the signs!

Until next time, enjoy the strawberries and fresh vegetables that are ready for picking in our local gardens!

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