February 25, 2016

Another Mini-Fest has come and gone.  Wow!  What a good turn out for our small community even in the -20 temperatures.  I have to say I am really impressed at the involvement of the young adults in our village for putting in floats and keeping Mini-Fest alive.  Way to go.  This year our well deserving recipient of Citizen of the Year was Dorothy Scott and the Youth of Year was Danica Weir.  Congratulations to both of you for making such a difference in our community and around the world.   Congratulations to the “Elbow Benders” for taking first place in the Bowling Tournament on Friday night, two years in second place could only mean you were meant to win eventually.  Way to go.  As usual, the Euchre tournament was a good time had by all as well.  Saturday night “Scott and Colin” had their 80’s tunes going and kept the dance floor full all night long.  Great job guys, you sounded fantastic as usual.  The outfits worn by a good portion of the people at the dance sure lit up the hall with the neon and bright colours.  Good participation everyone.

Swampy made his way up from the Swamp for a brief appearance at the parade.  He must have been pretty cold though.  I’m sure he’s back to keep cozy for the next few weeks that are left of winter.  It was good seeing you Swampy.

A great BIG thank you to our Recreation Committee who have kept Mini-Fest going and put endless hours into organizing and pulling off another successful weekend.  Your village appreciates everything you do.

To all of the people who have vacations coming up for the March Break, please remember to travel safe and have your neighbours check on your home in your absence by picking up your mail and newspapers.  Also try to have someone clear your driveway to make it look as though someone is home.  Safety first.

Until next time, have yourself a super day and don’t put your shovels away yet, we are apparently going to be doing some more digging out.