January 11, 2016

Happy New Year to the residents of Minesing and surrounding areas.  I hope that everyone got through the holiday season without catching any flu bugs or colds.  I know there were a lot of things going around, so hopefully it skipped your house.  Is your house free of the Christmas clutter yet?  I know that each year, I end up forgetting at least one decoration that I have put out for the holidays.  I think I may have found it last night but I’m not sure if it was the last one, we shall see.

I am not sure how far the power outage spread on Sunday night but I know in the village it was off for approximately four and a half hours.  It was fun for the first hour or so with candles lit and no technology to cloud our minds.  My teenaged daughter wasn’t so excited that the wifi was down, but she survived of course.  After the next couple of hours with our Sunday night preparations for the week, it wasn’t as convenient but I have to say, five hours was not too bad, it could have been worse for sure.  It reminded me that I needed to get some more flash lights from the camping gear to have handy in case it happens again. Have you got yourself prepared for a power outage?  You know our winters are unpredictable so after you finish reading the Springwater News, go gather up the contents and make sure you have everything ready, just in case.

This part here is for the Ontario Hydro workers that spent that evening in the horrible blowing wind and snow, we thank you very much for your quick response.  I can’t even imagine being out in that kind of weather let alone working in it.  Well done, we appreciate your work.

Minesing’s 44th Mini Fest is just around the corner!  Mark February 12th and 13th on your calendar.  Start thinking about putting in a float this year’s parade, the theme this year is the 80’s.  As you know the Mini Fest is the host of many events, beginning on Friday night with the family skate, euchre tournament and adult bowling.  Saturday hosts the pancake breakfast, citizen/youth of the year, parade, colouring contests, a chili cook-off, a magician and later that night, an adult dance with music by Minesing’s own Scott and Colin.  Get your citizen and youth nominations in by February 1st.  For more information, please see Facebook and Minesing’s website at www.minesing.ca.  Watch for flyers and buttons on sale.  Volunteers are needed to pull off this activity filled weekend so if you can help out in any way, please call Wanda at 705-739-7260  .

Until next time, be prepared for power outages, gather your necessities and keep them handy.