August 10, 2015

If you didn’t attend the Boots and Hearts Festival on the weekend, I am sure you know someone who went and if you don’t know someone who went, I’m sure you heard all about it on every media source possible in the last week.  I didn’t attend the event but did a lot of driving to and from it over the weekend for drop offs and pick-ups.  I will say that for an event of that size, with the number of people in attendance, I was extremely impressed with the organization that I saw during my small involvement of it.  The impressive lines of tents and vehicles all within white lines on the ground, the volunteers wanting to help you figure out where you were headed, the signage on the roads and the police presence all showed that so many details had been considered in the planning of this festival.  The amount of money that the festival apparently brought to our area is huge as well.  I hope that the residents of the immediate area did not have too much disruption of their coming and going home.  With only one news worthy incident where the man climbed on the top of the stage, it sounds like Boots and Hearts was a great success.  Sounds like it will be back next year too.

Minesing’s largest fundraising event, our Labour Day Baseball tournament, is just around the corner, and planning is well underway.

Our Baseball Tournament booklet is ready to be filled with advertising from local businesses and entrepreneurs.  If you are interested in purchasing a spot in the flyer, please contact Alisha Tanner at 705-309-7740 for more details.  Each Business advertising in the flyer will receive an online ad on the Minesing Community Facebook page at no extra charge.

This year the tournament will be offering spots for 10 vendor tables in the pavilion for Saturday and Sunday.  The cost of a table for the weekend is $25.  There will only be 10 spots, and it will be on a first booked basis.

Please remember that fundraising initiatives like these support events held free of charge in our village such as the Christmas Tree lighting and Canada Day Celebrations, hall restorations, upkeep of the pavilion and more!

Keep in mind if you have any upcoming events, birthdays, anniversaries, or items you’d like to let your neighbours know about, please feel free to contact me either by email at or 705-728-9784  . I’m always looking for things to write about.

Until next time, keep smiling!

New this year:
Each business who advertises will receive an online ad on our Community Facebook page at no extra charge.

Also, we’ll be offering 10 Vendor tables in the pavilion for Saturday/Sunday. The cost of a table for the weekend is $25, or free with a 1/2 page ad in our tournament booklet ($50 ad fee) As there are only 10 spots, it will be based on first booked.

If you would like to place an ad, or have a vendor table – please let me know by August 21st.

Please remember, fundraising initiatives like these, support our free family events (Christmas Tree lighting celebration, Canada Day celebrations) hall restorations, pavilion boards and more! Thanks to everyone for their continued support and generosity