November 3, 2014

Greetings all. I will begin with saying I was very happy to have 29 children at my door for Halloween. Sure beats my 12 from last year. I am not sure who the little critters were, but I had the cutest alligator and monkey come to my door first and they both made the appropriate animal sounds. It was adorable. I will also give credit to all of the children who said “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You” instead of just holding out their bags for the treat. One shy little guy wouldn’t say it and then he saw the treat and with a big smile said those magic words. They were wet and cold but willing to suffer through for the goodies.

The last month has seemingly brought Canadians closer, more aware and so grateful for the job that the Canadian Military have done in the past and are still doing today at home and abroad to keep our country as safe as possible. Grief struck our nation when the unnecessary deaths of two of our serving men took place in Quebec and Ottawa. As November 11th approaches, remember to purchase your poppy and wear it proudly. There are services taking place all across Simcoe County so if you are able to attend one, please do so and take that minute of silence to remember.

For those of you who missed last year’s scrap metal drop off at the school for the Grade 8 Fundraiser, do not worry, this year’s class is holding it again. The bins will be at the school November 10th to the 24th and drop off schedules will be announced shortly. They will be accepting electronics, any scrap metal, no refrigerators or anything with Freon please. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Until next time, remember to adjust your driving as the roads will start to be icy any day now.