October 20, 2014

Thanksgiving is now behind us, and right on its heels is Halloween.  Have you bought your Halloween candy yet?  Have you eaten it and now need to replace it?  I think this is the plan of the retailers when they put out the candy so early, it’s a conspiracy to have people buy their candy twice!  Those rascals.  The last few years I have attempted to buy things I know I won’t eat, like Cheesies.  This hasn’t seemed to work for me though because with the rotten weather on Halloween night I haven’t had many kids come to my door.  I am then stuck with a box of Cheesies that I don’t know what to do with.  So, this year, after realizing that Halloween does not bring many Trick or Treaters to my side of town,  I have cut back on the number that I buy for, I used to round it up to 100 “just in case”.  This year, I will take into consideration the 12 kids I had in 2013 and will buy for 50.  That way, if I have even four times as many kids show up as last year, there will still be enough treats for everyone.  Here’s hoping for an evening of nice weather for the little munchkins, fairies, goblins and super heroes to go out.  Remember to keep in mind to drive slow and keep a watchful eye on the 31st.

As the evenings are so dark now please also keep an eye out for people walking through the village.  There are many walkers out and about and though we try to be on our toes, vehicle can sometimes sneak up.  Heads up everyone.

The Minesing United Church is hosting a Bake, Bazaar and Tea on Saturday November 1st.  It is from 11-1:30.  The cost is $6 per person and tickets are being sold at the door.  If you have any questions, please contact June Haley at 705-722-3646.

Minesing’s Men’s Monday Night Bowling League is in search for Pin Setters.  As you know our small village is one of the few remaining old fashioned manual bowling allies in our area and they need young agile bodies to set the pins up for the bowlers.  They are hoping the Pin Setters will be around the age of 12 years old (give or take a little) and quick on their feet.  If you have children who are interested, please contact Earl Giffen at 705-728-2760 or Jamie McLean at 705-734-0058.  The Monday night league begins on November 3rdso if interested, please act quickly.  If you are interested in being placed on a spare bowler list, please also give Earl or Jamie call.

If you have celebrated a birthday, anniversary or birth in your house during this Libra month, please accept our very best wishes for a very happy health year ahead of you.

Until next time, Cheers!

October 6, 2014

The Minesing Recreation Committee is looking for a dependable person to do the snow shovelling at the community centre during the winter.  This is a paid position and would require that snow removal be done  for all exits with salt, on an as needed basis.  Keep in mind it could be daily depending on the season, last year was a good indicator of this.  If you are interested, please contact 705-739-7260.

With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, please give to your local food drive. Any contributions of food or money are appreciated.

Remember that life travels at a high rate of speed so slow down this long weekend and cherish the time together with family and friends.

Until next time, enjoy your leftover turkey!