September 22, 2014

September has certainly come and almost gone in a hurry.  Is anyone else wondering where the month went?  Perhaps we will finally get some nice weather that we can enjoy.

We would like to welcome Ms. Sonia Kadela, our new Principal, to Minesing Central Public School.  We hope that she will settle in quickly and be welcomed to our community with open arms. Minesing is now “tweeting” at minesingtweets for those who are technically savvy.  For parents of children at the school, the Pizza Q Meet the Teacher will be held on October 1st from 5-7 pm, information will be sent home soon.

You will all see the signs on most corners and throughout the area for the people running for office for Springwater Township.  I am sure that each of these candidates have websites to outline their platforms, their experience, interests, etc. so it is a good idea to be informed before you vote.  I believe that phone numbers are also available for people to contact the candidates directly so if you have any questions, you can search or inquire at the administrative offices directly for contact numbers.  Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

Best wishes to anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or birth this month.

Until next time, don’t put the shorts away yet, we may have some warm weather coming our way!