June 2, 2014

If you haven’t been bitten by a mosquito yet, consider yourself lucky because they are out in full force.  Remember to empty out any water that may be sitting in your yard as it is a great spot for mosquitoes to multiply. 
For those who are looking for some great deals, remember that this Saturday, June 7th, is the Minesing Community garage sale.  We are holding our sale on the same day as Anten Mills is doing theirs so come out and make a day of it.  If you live outside of the village, the pavilion will be available for you to set up your treasures.  There is no registration for this but please note that whatever you bring with you, has to leave with you.  
Now that the warm weather is here to stay for the summer, if you have a dog please be considerate of your neighbours who want to spend time in their yards.   There is a noise by-law for barking dogs and neighbours don’t want to have to take that route, so if your dog is outside, please make sure it’s not barking excessively, your neighbours will appreciate it.
The school year end is quickly approaching.  Make sure you visit the Township of Springwater Recreation guide to keep your children busy during the summer months.
Please remember that Minesing has a web page at www.Minesing.ca and also a Facebook page.  You can find all sorts of information on both.  Visit them often for updates on upcoming events.  
Until next time, keep the bug spray handy!