May 22, 2014

Hello neighbours.  I’ve got a great feeling that the warmer weather is on its way any time.  The sun was nice enough to grace us with some nice weather for the long weekend.  We sure needed the woolies at night time around bon fires and I am sure the people who were camping were glad they had bonfires to keep cozy.
COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE!  On Saturday June 7th, Minesing is having a village garage sale!  This date works along with the Anten Mills community garage sale on the same date so make it a day and hit both communities to find those hot items.  Start cleaning out your cupboards and closets to get rid of those treasures that you don’t need or use any more.  For those who live on the outskirts of Minesing, you can feel free to bring your own tables to the pavilion to set up your items.  Please note that what you bring, must go home with you at the end of the afternoon.  As we all know avid garage salers are out super early, be ready by 8 am and go as late in the day as you wish.
As I mentioned in my last article, there was a woodpecker out and about in my back yard…in case you were wondering, he hasn’t left.  I guess he’s found some good bugs in our trees.
I’ve recently taken notice, that drivers in our village don’t always stop at the stop signs in our community.  I’d like to take a quick note to remember that there are many people and young children around who ride bikes and walk.  When drivers don’t stop, it can cause a very dangerous situation and we do not wany any of those.  So please take note when you are driving to take that extra couple of seconds to make a complete stop and keep everyone safe.
I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends in a safe way.  I know there were a few groups in Minesing who set off fireworks and they were definitely enjoyed by all who saw them.  What a nice treat it was to see.
May is a big month for birthday in my family.  I have 2 nieces, a daughter and my mother who all celebrate.  So, I’d like to take a line to wish belated birthday wishes to  Sarah on the 7th, my daughter Alli on the 9th, Lindsay on May 10th, and to my Mom who celebrate’s her birthday on the 29th.
Until next time, keep the bug spray handy, I’m sure the black flies will be coming out soon!