February 24, 2014

Well if the Olympics didn’t make you proud to be Canadian, I don’t know what else will.  This particular Olympics was represented by Canada’s finest athletes who have worked so hard for years reach their dream.  The two hockey teams bringing home the gold, the women’s and men’s also bringing home the gold as well.  There were so many touching moments throughout the games that every day it was exciting to hear what else had happened and what number of medals we had reached.  For me, as long as we had more than the US, that was all we needed.

I have to comment on the social media that took place after the men’s Canada vs. US hockey game.  Some brilliant [sarcasm] “twitter” user from the US began a feed that put down the Canadians on every level possible.  It’s really sad to see that they were such sore losers.  Social media then showed Canadian sportsmanship and class two days later after Canada defeated Sweden.  Canadians tweeted such things like the Sweden team played a great game.  They didn’t cut them up, they didn’t insult their heritage, their country or anything else that was within reach like the US people did.  Way to go Canadian athletes, you make us all proud.

Minesing Otters Baseball league is having registrations coming up for the 2014 season.  February 27th 7-9, March 2 10-12, March 7th 7-9, March 9th 12-2pm, March 18th 7-9.  All registration will take place at the Minesing Community Centre, 2347 Ronald Road, in Minesing.  On-line registration is also available at www.baseball.minesing.ca

A huge thank you goes out to all who donated their empty bottles to the students in Grade 8 who collected recently for their fundraiser.  We raised a very helpful amount of money to be put towards their Ottawa trip.  No judging was done during pick up as requested by many people donating, we know Christmas is a very festive season and had collected bottles from their ‘friends’. Haha, it all goes towards the kids so thanks everyone. ;o)

Movie Night is being re-scheduled for Friday March 28th at Minesing Central Public School.  The movie is open to children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4.  The cost is $5 at the door which will include popcorn and a juice or water.  Children are encouraged to wear their pyjamas, bring a pillow, blanket or stuffed animal.  Any questions can be forwarded to lorachalli@sympatico.ca.

Until next time, don’t get out the golf clubs yet, Mother Nature is still having herself a fit.

February 10, 2014

Swampy came out of the Minesing Wetlands this past weekend for his annual Mini-Fest tour.  He was seen shuffling along on the snow ridden streets with his famous “Hello” to all.  The Mini-Fest was another huge success this year with the return of the parade.  Thanks to all who participated in entering their floats and to all who enjoyed watching the entries sporting the Olympic theme.  What a great way to give Canada some more support as they represent our country in Sochi. 
Mini-fest has many activities that have been around for many years, such as the Euchre tournament and bowling on the Friday night.  Euchre winners were Rick Pratt with Men’s High Hand and Ms. Fernandes for women’s high hand.  Bowling was won by Michele Veenstra’s team.  This year a new contest was introduced, a chili cook off.  The winner this year was Mark Priest with a very close runner up by one vote from Kim Giffen.  There were many entries and they were all sampled and enjoyed by the crowd.  Nice work cooks!  
Every year a very well deserved citizen and youth are nominated for their contributions towards our wonderful community of Minesing.  The 2014 Citizen of the Year is Ross Money.  Ross was involved in our community for many, many years on council, on the recreation committee and he also helped out for years with the minor baseball league.  We thank you for all the time you contributed Ross.  Our Youth of the Year for 2014 is Miss Jayme Brown.  Jayme is a grade 9 student who has helped out in many ways over the years and this is a good start to someone who we know will go on to bigger things with this type of helpful, caring outlook.  Best wishes to both Ross and Jayme, Minesing is very proud of you both.  A big thanks also to Gary Chalmers for donating the convertible car and driving Ross and Jayme in our parade.  We appreciate your time.
Saturday night  was a huge success with the musical debut of our local “Scott and Colin Band”.  The guys did an amazing job and entertained everyone all night long with their talent and great variety of music.  Toes were tappin’, boots were scootin’ and back sides were wigglin’ all night long.  The Community Centre was packed and a great time was had by all, young and old.  Great job everyone.  Actually the guys have started their own Facebook page “Scott and Colin” that you can go and see a few clips from their debut.  They will also be announcing upcoming appearances as well.  We wish you luck Scott and Colin!
Last but not least, the Recreation Committee has also shown us that all of their endless work and efforts definitely pays off for bringing people out of their homes in the winter months to see neighbours and friends while raising much needed funds to keep our community running.  I know these people go without acknowledgement time and time again so I will list our 2014 Recreation Committee.  Chair – Wanda Maw-Chapman, Vice-Chair – Tracy Barnicutt, Treasurer – Susie Neske, Secretary – Carl Luoma, Directors – Alisha Tanner, Kim Noble, Brandon Collins, Tamara Molloy, Julie Irwin, Rick Irwin and Gladys Noble is the Women’s Institute Representative.  There are also many spouses and family members of the above committee members that I know spend much time helping as well, so thank you to all of you as well.  Your community appreciates all you do!
A quick reminder that the Grade 8 class is hosting a bottle drive this Saturday February the 15th.  Students will be travelling around our school area, Minesing, Anten Mills, Snow Valley and the highland of Snow Valley and some of the local side roads to pick up any empty beer, liquor and wine bottles that you may have and wish to donate.   If you have donations and want to ensure a pick up, please email peggy.hughes@sympatico.ca.  If you won’t be home, please feel free to leave any donations outside in plain view and the students will gladly pick them up.  We thank you so much for any donations.
There will also be a Valentines dance at the Community Centre for students in grades 5-8.  Tickets can be bought in advance at the school on afternoon breaks or at the door.  They are $5 each.  There will be a concession stand and great music.  Wear something red and or something with a valentines theme and qualify for prizes.  The dance will be from 7-9:30.
Movie night is returning to Minesing Central School on Friday February 21st from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  This evening is open for children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4.  The cost is $5 per child at the door, and this includes popcorn and a juice box or water.  Children are encouraged to come in their comfy pj’s and bring a blanket, pillow or favourite stuffed animal.  The movie has yet to be determined but will be age appropriate.  Any questions please emaillorachalli@sympatico.ca
Whew, that was a long one but a good one!  Until next time…let’s go Canada bring home the gold (lot’s of it)!