August 26, 2013

Has anyone else noticed that there are trees already changing?  Well I have and I have to say that I am somewhat surprised by how early it is happening.  Didn’t the leaves just come out?  I guess that means time is flying by faster than I realize.  Yikes.

Something that definitely needs mentioning in this edition of our Minesing Moments is that a neighbour of mine recently came home from a weekend away and noticed one of the cars in their driveway was sitting with the car door wide open.  Apparently someone had entered the car and took the spare change that was inside.  Luckily nothing else of any value was taken and no damage was done to the car, but it is just a good reminder for all of us to (a) keep our vehicles locked and (b) keep an eye out for our neighbours if we know they are going to be away.

The Annual Minesing Labour Day baseball tournament is gearing up for this weekend.  As usual the Friday night begins with a few games followed by musical entertainment in the Pavilion by the “Hired Help”.  The band begins at 9 p.m.  It’s always a fantastic way to start out the eventful Labour Day weekend.  There will be ball games throughout the weekend at the Minesing ball diamonds so come out and cheer on the teams.  This is the major fundraiser for our community so come out and support Minesing. More volunteers are needed to help make the weekend a success so if you can spare some time throughout the weekend, please contact Wanda at 705-739-7260.

The moving trucks and vans will be all packed up as students move to colleges and universities throughout our province this weekend.  I’m sure that the sale of Kraft dinner will be up for stocking up, hopefully they have been on sale recently.  The students will be off learning their selected education but also how to take care of themselves and realizing that the toilet paper isn’t always on the roll and that there is actually an end to the toothpaste tube.  This is a tough time for some of the parents to let go of their “babies” but it’s also a time to let the students spread their wings and find their way on their own.  Good luck to them all (parents included).

To those travelling on the long weekend, drive safe, buckle up and don’t drink and drive.

Until next time, play safe and make good choices.