February 25, 2013

I think we are on the downhill side of winter now.  But the way we get weather in this area, you just never know.  We could have a few more feet of snow one day and then rain or sunshine the next.  It would be nice if the snow would stick around a few more weeks to keep the snow lovers happy for the March Break.

An interesting topic came up recently at a gathering of friends I attended.  The topic was about animals that can be found in our area that some of us didn’t know about.  At the time of the discussion, we weren’t sure of the actual name but after a bit of research (on a handy dandy iPhone), we found the name was in fact a coywolf.  This is a combination of a coyote and a wolf.  They are a little larger than a coyote but these animals aren’t as fearful of humans as regular coyotes are. Fishers are also something that many people haven’t heard of that are in our neck of the woods.  They are a medium-sized mammal, commonly referred to as being part of the weasel family. Fishers are a very dangerous animal and feed on smaller animals such as mice, chipmunks, squirrels and even cats.  They are one of the few animals that will attack a porcupine…now that is impressive.  They are a mid-sized animal ranging up to 3 feet in length and approximately 12lbs.  So there you go, a tidbit of information for you to research or to watch out for if you are on a nature walk or even on your regular out and about adventures.

Minesing United Church News

Sunday Service is at 10:00 am – Singing, Reflection, Children’s Program… Please join us.  Our theme for March is all about changes… spring is coming, change is coming, how do we respond?  If Sunday doesn’t work for you or you are looking for something different try our new Wednesday activity.  Minesing United, together with Dalston-Crown Hill and Midhurst present a relaxed and open exploration of spirituality.  We meet at Midhurst United Church and we begin with a meal at 6pm and then there are activities at around 6:45.  All ages, stages, and beliefs are welcome.  The only rule is the golden rule: We treat everyone as we would want to be treated.

Easter is coming, mark your calendar for these special services at Minesing United Church…. Thursday March 28 we celebrate the Last Supper at 7pm, Good Friday Service is at 10am, Easter Sunday Sunrise Service at 7:30am and Easter Celebration Service is at 10am.

The Minesing United Church Cookbook is available $15 call the church for your copy.
Irish Stew Supper – March 16th – Dinner at 6:00 PM – At the Minesing Community Centre – Tickets $15 for Adults – $5 for children under 12 –

Entertainment Vacation Bible Camp – August 12th to August 16th, 2013 – For children 4-12.  Full or half days.  Youth volunteers welcome! Talk to Reverend Kirsty if you are interested.  For more information on any events call 705-737-5322.

Until next time…remember to get new batteries for your smoke detectors, the time change is coming up!

February 12, 2013

Greetings to all.  I hope this edition finds everyone well.  Minesing’s 41st Mini-Fest took place last weekend.  Congratulations to this year’s Citizen of the Year, Debbie White and to the Youth of the Year, Kelsey McLean.  Both very deserving people who have offered such a great amount of time and effort to our community over the years.

Though attendance was down this year at the Mini-fest activities, those who attended had a great time.  The adult dance was a lot of fun with tunes by the Hired Help who always play great music and make it enjoyable for all.  There were a lot of fantastic dance moves from all who participated…some fabulous step dancing from a young man who surprised all, as we observers had no idea he could do that.  Another attendee who had not intended to dance in her Sorel’s but they did not hold her back and she danced all night long.  It was great!

After my last edition where we had the Johnston Mini-fest baby story from years ago, I received an email from Nancy Switzer (nee Lord) let me know of her Mini-Fest baby story.

“I wanted to add my daughter Jordan Switzer as a Mini-Fest baby. She was born on February 12, 1999 at about 5:30 in the a.m.

We were sitting in the audience at talent night as my son had won 1st place in the colouring contest when my labour started. Once Lee collected his prize we had to sneak out the back door (after having a chit chat with Linda and Harold Parker), dropped Lee off at my parents and went to RVH to have Jordan.”

Thanks for your email Nancy.  Does anyone else have a baby born on Mini-fest weekend?  If so, send me an email.

Have a great week everyone!  Until next time, take your vitamins and drink lots of water to keep those germs away.