May 6, 2013

Spring has sprung and I am loving this sunshine!  It’s amazing to see the changes in the trees and gardens that take place from day to day.

You will read this just prior to Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday May 12th to those who perhaps may have forgotten it.  Remember your mother, step-mother, grandmother, or anyone who plays an important motherly role in your life.  It’s not always about gifts, but even just the acknowledgement of your appreciation for them and all they do is appreciated.  A phone call, a card, or even some odd jobs done around their home are always appreciated.  To MY mom, I wish you a wonderful day and thank you for all you do for everyone.  You’re the best!

There are a few things to keep in mind as the weather improves.  First of all, children are outside running around, playing with balls, toys, and riding bicycles but sometimes forget about the cars.  Keep a watchful eye for little people as you go through the neighbourhood.

As the nice weather is also here, more people are sitting in their yards and on their decks enjoying the weather and the peaceful sounds of the birds.  Please be mindful that barking dogs are not a welcome noise that your neighbours wish to spend their day listening to.  Also if you are walking your dog, please remember to take a bag with you; those without pets shouldn’t have to pick up the waste of someone else’s dog.

An important reminder to keep a watch for things that may not seem to be right around your home.  A strange car, someone you don’t recognize in your yard or even something that just doesn’t sit right with you.  As more traffic travels through our village with the nice weather, it can unfortunately bring unwanted things.  Be proactive and keep your cars, sheds, and homes secure.  We are lucky enough to have the OPP right in our village so they are only a phone call away to report things.

SPRING CLEAN UP – The Recreation Board is organizing a Spring Clean Up day.  It will be taking place on Saturday June 1st at 9:30 at the Community Centre.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and lend a hand if you can.  Please bring a rake with you.

I would like to wish my youngest daughter Allison a very Happy 13th Birthday on the 9th of May.  I officially have two teenagers!  Wish me luck.

Also sending very happy birthday wishes to Angie O’Brien who celebrated on Cinco de Mayo!  Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

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