September 3rd, 2012

As we end another summer we can think back about the heat and dryness that we endured over the summer and be thankful that the rain finally came.  I don’t know whether the early changing of the leaves on the trees has anything to do with that but it seems earlier than usual to have the gold and red hues making their way through our area.

The Annual Labour Day Baseball tournament took place this past weekend and it was very well attended by the teams and local residents.  I think a shout out should go to those who organized the tournament as I know it is a big undertaking, so way to go to the Recreation Committee.  We appreciate all of your efforts.  It is also just as important to recognize all of the volunteers that contributed their time towards the tournament.  Without the volunteers, it would be a tough thing to do with just those on the committee.  To those who contributed with donations, we also thank you! 

There were four divisions in the finals and the winners of those are as follows:
“A” – Extreme Kaos
“B” – Shred North Orioles
“C” – Cicco’s Mafia
“D” – Git ‘R Done

Way to go teams!  We hope all players, teams and fans enjoyed themselves.   I know personally that it is a fantastic time to see neighbours and friends that you don’t get to see as much as you’d like.

On Saturday September 1st, a lemonade stand fund raiser initiated by Olivia Imrie, 7 and her sister Noelle Imrie, 2 and assisted by good friend Payton Parker, age 7 raised a total of $82.75 by generous donations from Minesing families ! The fund that the girls are donating their raised money to is the Hospital for Sick Children.  What a fantastic gesture girls.  Great job!

St. Peter’s Anglican Church

Summer is over and as you settle back into your September routines, it is time to turn your thoughts to a home cooked meal with fresh pie for dessert…Yes folks it is not too early to mark at the Minesing Community Centre, 2347 Ronald Road in Minesing on September 22, 2012.  Dinner will be at 6 p.m., but come early so you can browse the auction table and put your bids in for the “Silent Auction”   The cost is $15.00 for adults and $6.00 for children under 12 years.  Tickets are available by calling 705-721-9227 or calling a member of the church.  We hope you can join us!

Alan and Donna Johnston appreciate all those who came to help celebrate their 60th Anniversary.  Special recognition to the Elves and Anglican Ladies.

FOUND: One set of keys with a key fob and the name “Luke” on them.  It was found in a plaid hoodie at the Community Centre, contact 705-728-4414 if they are yours.