Thursday, December 13, 2018

Welcome to Minesing, Ontario!!


Community Projects

The Minesing Community Association uses funds raised through the various community events for many projects throughout the community as well as bringing projects forward to the Township of Springwater Council.

Some of the past projects include:

  • Rink Pavilion
  • Pavilion Rink Boards
  • Community Centre Septic System
  • New Swampy
  • New Bowling Alley Floor
  • Community Centre Bathroom Renovations

If you have ideas/comments on future potential projects please e-mail us your suggestions!

In addition, the funds raised are also used for upkeep and maintenance of the community facilities including:

  • Cost of utilities for Community Centre, Bowling Alley and Pavilion
  • Cleaning of the Community Centre
  • Painting of Community Centre and Bowling Alley
  • Kitchen supplies in the Community Centre


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